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C^3PA is an intensely hoppy and citrusy IPA, brewed in Portland, Oregon by Devlyn and Peter Keith. Triple-hopped with only Citra hops, it is a relatively simple beer to brew, and is ridiculously tasty — so much, in fact, that it’s become one of our standards. We should always have a keg of this in the kegerator.

We cannot, however, take ownership for the recipe. The original can be found here, at Bader Beer & Wine (very handily, where Peter works some weekends).

Many thanks (and bottles of beer) must go to our crazy talented friend Ryan Pollard, who drew the character who very much looks like C3PO, holding an over-sized hop, for our label. However, I’m sure it’s definitely not C3PO, as that character is under copyright somewhere else. We don’t make money off of the image — it’s just for fun. Please don’t sue us. >.<

We brewed this C^3PA about 4 weeks ago, and finally bottled it last night (11/15). This is the first beer we’ve made since the wedding last September, amazingly enough. Hopefully we’ll have more time to brew that double red I’ve been wanting to do…